Boat Owners:


Once the National Hurricane Center has issued a hurricane warning for our area we strongly recommend the following actions be taken by you:

  • React immediately to secure your vessel.  Don't wait until the last minute.

  • Please inform the office should you decide to leave the marina.

  • All dock lines should be a minimum of ½" nylon of good quality, good condition and preferably protected with chafing gear.  Spring lines should be added as well as doubling up all lines.  Always leave the bitter end of the line on the dock cleat so adjustments can be made from the pier if necessary.

  • Dinghies should be removed from the docks or boats and taken home.

  • All items on the dock must be taken home or stowed below decks.  Such as:  personal dock carts, bikes, ladder's, steps, chairs, rugs/carpet and plants, etc.

  • All canvas, sails and other loose gear should be removed and stowed.

  • Sail boaters should consider removing their booms.

  • Water hoses, power cords, and TV cables should be disconnected from pedestals and stowed below decks.

  • Dock boxes can remain on piers if they are secured to the dock and locked.  Inspect fasteners to ensure they are in good condition.  Loose dock boxes should be taken home or stowed on your boat.

  • Fill your fuel tanks, water tanks and fully charge your batteries.

  • Photograph your boat for insurance purposes.

If you choose to keep your vessel at the marina and are considering moving to a larger  slip, please call the office for availability.   Please remember, you are solely responsible for any damage  caused by your boat to the docks and/or other vessels as well as your own.  Don't rely on marina personnel to secure your boat, as we will be very busy preparing the marina facility.  Within twelve hours of a hurricane strike, all water and power may be disconnected until after the storm has passed and the electric will not be turned on until it is determined to be safe to do so.



Hurricane Preparation Check List

If you have a trailer for your boat you should
take your boat away from the marina, even if it's on a lift, in the water, dry docked or in the yard at the marina.


If your boat is in a wet slip:

Take down Bimini tops and antennas.
Prepare your boat for not having any electricity i.e. clean out refrigerators check batteries to be fully charged.

Check all bilge pumps.

Double your mooring lines so that it is tied up for a 5 foot flood tide fluctuations.
Close all windows, hatches and portholes.
Make sure that all drains are clear on the deck.
If your boat is undercover be prepared to have to take your boat out so will not hit the roof.
Come down immediately after hurricane and check your boat. Re-tie your boat in its slip for normal tides, and check for damage.



If your boat is blocked up on shore:

Take down any antennas and Bimini tops.
Make sure all windows, portholes and hatches are closed.
All hull drain plugs should be plugged.
Make sure that all drains are clear on the deck.

All boat owners should call their insurance company and ask for their hurricane preparation requirements.


  For additional information from University of Florida study, CLICK here.