A. You are responsible for showing us where to place the travel lift straps on your boat and informing us of any known obstructions. transducersansducers.


A. Find out where the lifting points are and the approximate weight of the boat. Bring in all fenders, equipment and lines which might become tangled. .with the lifting straps: you may also wish to pull up protruding speed logs.


A. You are normally expected to be present to oversee the lift or launch, however if this is impossible we’ll ask you to sign a form to indemnify us .  make an additional charge for this service.


A. 3D Boat  Yard is a “do-it-yourself” boatyard – boat owners may work on their own boats, or hire other professional contractors.


A. We welcome outside contractors to the yard. They must show evidence of insurance coverage, and sign in and out to record their hours.


A. No, our boatyard crew will block and support your boat.

stands as required.


A. Travelift, pressure washing, and layday charges are based on the boat’s overall length including dinghies, davits, etc.


A. You must keep your boat’s area clean. Tarps can be placed under every boat to catch falling debris, paint scrapings, fiberglass or sanding residues. Please clean your site daily and dispose of any waste materials and fluids. ..properly. Please ask for assistance regarding their disposal.


A. You may stay on board your boat while in the yard – a nominal daily fee may be charged. There is a washroom and shower behind our office in the marina for your use. No toilets can be discharged overboard in the yard.

All children must be accompanied by an adult and must wear life jackets when near the  the boat yard travel lift area and sea walls.

A. All dogs/pets owned by boat owners must be on a leash and under

Owners must clea

 control by their owner at all times. Owners must clean up after their dogs.

A. The main gates to the yard are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q. Can I park my vehicle in the boat yard?

A. One vehicle may be parked next to the boat – parked vehicles must not interfere with Travel lift operations.


A. Electricity can be provided at each boat stand – please inform the boatyard office before plugging in.


A. Pressure washing of your boat’s bottom can only be done by the yard staff in the wash down area . We are an environmentally minded yard and comply with Environment  “Best Management Practices” for boatyards.


A. Sand/soda/dry ice blasting of any type is not allowed. Spray painting, sanding and/or hull scraping/peeling are only permitted in the yard. providing your boat is fully shrouded/tarped – we rent tarps for this purpose.


A. The boat owner is responsible for the safety, upkeep and maintenance of their boat at all times, including before, during or after storms.

 after storms, heavy winds, rain or snow, etc.


A. Smoking is prohibited in any building, or within 5 ft of a door, in the Boat yard and we ask you use the cans around the yard to dispose of butts. cigarette butts.


A. We do not loan or supply tools.


A. Raising sails, climbing the mast or removing standing rigging is not allowed, for safety reasons, while your boat is in the yard.