Q. How do you know where to place the travel lift straps when lifting my boat?

A. You are responsible for showing us where to place the travel lift straps on your boat and informing us of any known obstructions. 


Q. What do I need to do to prepare my boat for hauling?

A. Find out where the lifting points are and the approximate weight of the boat. Bring in all fenders, equipment and lines which might become tangled with the lifting straps.


Q. Do I have to be present when you haul or launch my boat?

A. Yourself or your Captain are expected to be present to oversee the haul or launch.


Q.  Can I bring my dingy/tender into the yard

A.  You may bring a dingy/tender into the yard however there will be an additional charge

Q. Can I work on my own boat or must I use 3D BOAT YARD Services?

A. 3D Boat Yard is a do-it-yourself boatyard boat owners may work on their own boats, or hire contractors that are licensed and insured.


Q. Can I bring a contractor into the yard to work on my boat?

A. We welcome outside contractors to the yard. They must be licensed and  insured, and report to office upon arrival with correct documents.

Q. Can I move the boat stands under my boat?

A. Our boatyard crew will move boat stands - please do not attempt this yourself.

Q. Can I live aboard my boat while it is in the yard?

A. You may stay on board your boat while in the yard. There is a washroom and shower behind our office in the marina for your use. No toilets can be discharged overboard in the yard.  Please keep our bathroom clean

Q. Can I bring my children into the yard?

A. All children must be accompanied by an adult and must wear life jackets when near the boatyard travel lift area and sea walls.


Q. Can I bring my dog into the yard?

A. All pets MUST be on a leash at all times. You MUST pick up after your pets. Be considerate of your neighbors.


Q. What are your business hours?

A. We are open Monday thru Friday 8am – 4pm

Q. Do you have security cameras?

A. Yes, we have cameras all over the boatyard

Q. Can I park my vehicle in the boat yard?

A. One vehicle may be parked next to the boat. Parked vehicles must not interfere with Travel lift operations 


Q. Is there power available for my boat and tools?

A. Yes, Electricity is available


Q. Can I pressure wash my boat?

A. No, All pressure washing is done by boatyard crew only.


Q. Can I sand my boat?

A. You may sand/grind your boat so long as you use a vacuum. Sandblasting only allowed by professional companies that are approved by boatyard management.


Q. Who is responsible for the safety of my boat whilst in the yard? 

A. The boat owner is responsible for the safety, upkeep and maintenance of their boat at all times, including before, during or after storms.

Q. Can I work up my mast while my boat is in the yard? 

A. Raising sails, climbing the mast or removing standing rigging is not allowed whilst boat in on the hard