1. All work must be carried out in a safe and professional manner. All trades people are required to comply with 3D rules and regulations. Owners/Skippers are required to ensure any trades people have adequate liability insurance and are current with 3D BOAT YARD.   Owners/Skippers are also expected to engage in safe work practices.

2.  3D BOAT YARD reserves the right at its sole discretion to stop unsafe work practices and if deemed necessary to order the offending worker(s) to leave the site at the Owner's/Skipper's sole risk and expense.


3. At the end of every work day or session, always clean up your area. Failing to do so will result in a delay in your boat launch and possibly a clean up fee.


4. For all customers who do not have charge privileges at the 3D Boat Yard, the invoice and/or bill must be paid in full prior to launch.


5. All trades people who are not tenants of 3D BOAT YARD  must present proof of insurance in order to perform work within the boat yard. To keep this boatyard operating in a safe, clean, and professional manner, outside professionals MUST comply with the following additional points:

a) Demonstrate they have a current certificate of public liability insurance with a minimum of one million dollars coverage.

b) Demonstrate they have current Workers Compensation coverage.

c) Work must be done in a safe manner, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, to provide for the safety of property and the safety of contractor personnel, boatyard personnel, and the general public.

d) Maintain work sites in a clean and orderly fashion. Work that could create a hazard to people or property must be appropriately delineated to prevent injury or property damage. Use of any unsafe equipment is against Marina policy. All accidents must be reported to the boatyard office.


6. All water hoses must have nozzles. When you are finished with the water hoses, turn them off and place them back neatly in the area you found them.


7. If you see garbage on the ground pick it up and place it in the garbage bins provided.


8. All boat lift appointments must be on time, failing to do so may result in possible re-booking.


9. Vehicles should be parked clear of travel lift path or storage areas; 3D of Key West Inc., is not responsible for vehicles that are damaged by equipment or conditions in the yard.


10. Only boat yard staff may adjust boat stands. Do not under any circumstances  adjust these stands yourself.


11. Under no circumstances may sailboats raise their sails while blocked in the boat yard.


12. Only environmentally friendly boat soap is to be used for cleaning.


13. Paint and epoxy must be mixed over a tarp and any spills must be cleaned up immediately.


14. Owner/skipper is responsible for ensuring lift slings are placed away from gear that could be damaged, i.e. propeller, propeller shaft, etc.   3D Boat Yard is not responsible for sling damage.


15. Owner/skipper must inform 3D Boat Yard staff of all specific requirements regarding the vessel prior to being hauled or blocked.


16.  3D Boat Yard has the right to move or re-arrange any vessel without notice at any time.


17. 3D Boat Yard is not responsible for any theft or loss of items left on or around vessel.


18. With regard to noise outside of the scope of work not being completed, i.e. radio/stereo volume, please be respectful of neighboring boat owners tenants.


19. 3D Boatyard shall not be liable for any damage to a vessel resulting from such vessels inability to withstand haul out and launch due to age or construction deficiencies. 3D Boatyard shall not be liable for damage to wooden vessels.


20. All persons wishing to enter the boatyard for any reason do so entirely at their own risk.


 21. No one will be allowed to remain on board any vessel being hauled, moved, or re-propped.

22. No outside vehicles shall be permitted to operate within the work yard without Managements approval.

23. Do not help yourself to materials or stores, please ask for assistance from a yard employee. To ensure the accuracy of your account, please initial all charge purchases prior to taking your goods. Written appointment of other agents must be presented with appropriate limits.

24, The yard takes no responsibility for accidents, injury, or death to any persons in or working within the yard at any time. All persons wishing to enter the boat yard for any reason do so at their own risk.

25. Open fires are prohibited at all times.

26.  All outstanding bills must be paid with proper proof of receipts prior to launching any vessel.

27. Lock your boats and dinghies when left unattended. Dinghies should never be left unlocked while unattended.

28. Any paint returned will be assessed a $25 (per gallon/quart) restocking fee.


Violation of the above Rules and Regulations will result in a penalty of $100.00 per violation per day, which must be paid prior to the launching of the vessel.


A copy of these rule must be signed by boat owners prior to any work.